Why not join us to study in the Graduate School of Global Media?


daigakuinhomepageThe Master’s Course in the Graduate School of Global Media at Komazawa University has been running since April 2013. And the Ph.D. course has begun in April 2015.

In the present age, when problems need to be solved from a global perspective, students in the Faculty of Global Media Studies established in April 2006, study practical English and a new kind of interdisciplinary media education that breaks through existent academic boundaries in order to develop their ability to use various kinds of media content, to communicate their own ideas to the world through the spreading global media network, and to effectively select and use the huge amount of information which is available to them.

In the Graduate School of Global Media, we aim to develop specialists who have a wide knowledge of the latest forms of media that are emerging globally and who have a practical ability in English. We also wish to open our doors as widely as possible to mature students. In order to facilitate their participation in the program we have put together a curriculum unique to our School. In the Research English courses we aim to help students acquire a practical ability in English through the Research Writing and Research Presentation classes. In addition, through our lecture courses, we cover a wide range of topics in industrial, cultural and IT theories of media. Further, in our seminar program we have made special provision so that group supervision by a small, dedicated team of staff is provided in the three main fields of industrial theory, cultural theory and IT theory allowing for input from professors with different areas of expertise. This fully integrated curriculum is taught by staff with a wide variety of professional experience in Japan and abroad.

In addition, for the Doctoral Course, we have in place a curriculum designed to foster both theoretical and practical abilities. We provide elective lecture courses in three principle areas which provide an orientation to: the use and application of media in management and industry; the social and cultural effects of media and communication; and new services in the media field. Further, in our research supervision courses, just as for the Master’s Course, supervision is provided by a team of staff representing the three areas of industrial, cultural and IT theory which allows you to receive input from several teachers each with their own specialist perspective.

In terms of facilities, we provide premium Internet access to keep up with the constantly changing demands of new media, we provide every student with access to a personal computer, and we have installed a workshop room for collaborative projects and a studio for media editing and production.

We are looking forward to meeting students who have a curiosity to learn and a desire to leap onto the global stage. We are ready to welcome you into the educational and research environment we have created based on this new vision. Come and study with us in our new Graduate School of Global Media.


Shigehiko SHIRAMIZU, Chairman of the Graduate School of Global Media